Power Walking
Introduction to Power Walking.

You have seen them everywhere,... Powerwalking!  But are they really powerwalking?  What turns a walk into a powerwalk?  The first most obvious answer that the walker puts more effort into their walk routine.  But how???

Let's Start at the Beginning.

Before starting any exercise routine, you should see your family doctor for a complete physical exam and check up. It is important to tell your doctor of your intention to start an exercise routine or go on a diet. With that taken care of,  you can now safely move ahead.

Understanding What is Happening.

We need to understand that bio-mechanically when the leg moves forward, it causes the hip to rotate in a rocking motion and, in turn, causes your upper body to rock and the arms to swing.  At a slow speed, this arm movement would be a gentle motion that might partially crossover the upper body.  At the outset, this movement is in harmony as it sets a rhythmic and enjoyable feeling.  However...

Range of Motion.

Leg movement has always been a much discussed subject with some exercisers preferring to raise the knee and thigh slightly and then sweep the foot forward, others lift their knees very high and thrust forward, still others shuffle along which is the right way? A mid-range stride, a shuffle or an all out wide open stride?

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic

Ideally a conversation should be able to be conducted during the session, this indicates that you are working aerobically or with the benefit of oxygen to convert stored energy (fat or carbohydrates) on a cellular level.  This is most desirable, even if...



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