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To the Coaches:

The Victory Strap® was designed to assist runners to become as efficient as possible and in the shortest period of time.  This is accomplished by keeping your athletes focused on running, course strategy and timing during the race as well as raising their potential to reach the next level in a shorter period of time.  This is accomplished by obviating the stress that they would normally experience on their upper body during a workout routine and the distraction that comes with those discomforts.

As a training tool;

  • Instills balance, form and comfort to the athletes.
  • Makes them more efficient.
  • Keeps them physically aware of what they are doing.
  • Creates a load free zone on the upper body and a comfort level previously unavailable.
  • Utilizes and maximizes the pendulum motion of the arms by maintaining a fixed 90 degree angle of the arms (in relation to the body).
  • Helps the athletes stay focused.
  • Dependable reference point on which to bear down for balance promotes physical awareness of the form and position of their upper body.
  • Obviates the upper body stress that would normally occur during the athletes' routine due to load-free zone created on the upper body. 
  • Maintains and supports the proper arc of the arms (elbow at a fixed 90 degree angle to the body as well as the motion of the arms).
  • Utilizes the benefit from smooth bio-mechanical follow-through movement and the natural pendulum motion that is now available.
  • Pro-active forward movement of the arms can now be directly maximized.
  • Allows athletes to reach the next level by enhancing the potential of all athletes through focused workout routines.

Concentrating on their aerobic conditioning, running form, course strategies, timing etc (instead of being focused on distractions like holding up their arms or neck and back pain that may develop).  By utilizing the benefits of the Victory Strap® during practices, the athletes should perform at a higher level than even they expected in a race.  Their physical conditioning will be higher than before because of the utilization of the pro-active pendulum motion that is created by the Victory Strap®.  In the Passive Mode, which would be the responsive use, the user continues to benefit by the natural pendulum motion generated during his/her movement.  Good Luck, Happy Racing!

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To the Walker:

Everyone wants to look good and feel good too!  Being winded after running up a few stairs or carrying the groceries in, does not make people feel good about themselves.  Everyone knows that the best way to accomplish this goal for a higher degree of wellness is proper nutrition and exercise. Most of us will watch the things we eat (for awhile anyway), but few of us exercise consistently.

Walking has always been the first step to getting in sync with your body.  Some people say they don't like the way they feel during walking and running, they feel uncomfortable.  They don't know where to put their hands or that their arms, neck and shoulders feel uncomfortable even early on, into the exercise.  Now you can last much longer, be more comfortable, get a better workout and feel better afterwards.  Keep in mind that you should always check with your doctor and tell him of your intentions to start an exercise routine.  A good overall stretching routine for flexibility increases your potential performance and success.  Get a check up; it couldn't hurt, and your doctor may be able to assist you with a proper diet as well.

Now, you can turn walking into Power Walking by becoming more pro-active and efficient at the same time!  The Victory Strap® turns walking to power walking by using the natural, bio-mechanical pendulum motion of the arms.

The Victory Strap®  promotes and maintains the proper arc of the arms by forming a fixed 90 degree angle of the arms in relation to the body.  This fixed position of the arms creates an opportunity to maximize the pendulum motion of the arms in a pro-active mode.
It also;

  • Cradles the arms for a load-free zone on the upper body.
  • Offers positive resistance for the arms to bear down on for attendant benefits.
  • Elongates the potential of all athletes during their exercise routine.
  • Obviates the load bearing stress that would normally occur on the neck, shoulders, upper back during the exercise routine.
  • Athletes become physically aware of the form of the upper body in relation to torso.  Some athletes have said that they notice that their hands do not swell up anymore due to the improved form that is perpetuated during use.  Some say they feel added benefits to other body parts like their abdominals.  Still others feel they now have a partner that assists them during their routine.

Think of the Victory Strap® as your new partner.  The Victory Strap® is a pro-active partner.  Lean on it, bear down on it like you would ski poles, a pushcart.  It will be there for you!  Your partner won't get tired, sleep in, get upset, sick or insulted!  Get out there and have fun.

Also See: Pendulum Motion and Comfort Zone

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To The Runner:

Most runners run because they love it!  We like to think we are a breed separate from the rest. After all, who else would go out of their way in all kinds of weather to run, day or night, and fit it into crazy and busy schedules.  It is hard to understand for those whom have not experienced the exhilaration of a second wind (when their endorphins kick in) or the absolute serene feeling of calm after a good run.  We understand the benefits of leaving our daily stress on the course and the value of allowing us the mental calm to approach the challenges of our day.

We feel Centered!

We are always looking to improve our conditioning.  Always looking for that magic something to make a noticeable improvement in our performance.  We take our sport seriously.  Competition is fun to us.  It is how we measure how well we are doing.  It is also a time for us to mingle with our peers.

This utility-patented invention was created for you!  The ultimate goal is to make you as efficient as possible.  This is accomplished through a focused workout that will raise the runners physical conditioning that was not available before its creation.  It will happen much faster and its intention is to help the runner reach the next level in physical wellness and conditioning.  It accomplishes this by its unique ability to obviate the upper body load bearing stress normally experienced during running or walking. Some of the attendant benefits are;

  • Improved balance (dependable center of gravity).
  • Improved form (formation of the desired arc of the arms).
  • Improved aerobic conditioning.
  • Improved efficiency (minimum energy input with maximum forward motion output).
  • Highest possible comfort level (due to redistribution of load bearing weight).
  • Increased ability to focus on running as in course strategy, timing, terrain (Due to reduced discomfort distraction).
  • Increased utilization (pro-active use) of the upper body motion (pendulum motion) and passive use (to carry arms in a relaxed position for minimal exertion).
  • Elongation of potential performance of each athlete.

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Cross training for all Athletes:

Whatever your sport, running has been consistently utilized for cross-training of all athletes.  It is widely accepted for its overall conditioning and aerobic benefits.  Ball players, boxers, skaters, skiers, swimmers, gymnasts even wrestlers and those in the military understand the value of integrating running for increased performance within their exercise program.  However, proper body alignment when running has most always been difficult to maintain, therefore personal comfort while performing the exercise routine was most usually unthinkable, let alone attainable.  The increasing demands made on the body only tended to exacerbate the ongoing condition.  This increased discomfort usually had the resulting effect of decreasing the performance level of the athlete.  Obviously running form or any sense of balance suffered as well.  This product was created to increase the athletes ability to reach their immediate personal goals.  By circumventing those forces working against the athlete, it is now possible to reach that next level in physical fitness.  Some of the direct and attendant benefits of utilizing the Victory Strap® during their exercise routine are;

  • To obviate the upper body stress normally experienced during a running routine.  This is accomplished by cradling the arms to form a fixed 90 degree angle in relation to the torso.  This comfort zone is load free.  The weight bearing normally carried by the neck, shoulders, arms and upper body has been redistributed and now becomes a pro-active part of the routine.  This benefit becomes more apparent the more you use it.
  • Maintains the proper position of the arms in relation to the torso (fixed position of 90 degrees or less) for maximum benefits.  Supports the arc created to be utilized for smooth follow-through movement of the arms.
  • Keeps the athlete physically aware of their form and positioning.
  • Makes all movement more efficient because of the ability to now focus on the specific goals desired without the previous normal distractions of discomfort that would accompany a workout.
  • It provides a dependable reference point on which to bear down for balance as well as a feeling of confidence because of the dependable center of gravity and added toning of the upper body through isotonic / isometric contractions.
  • Elongates the potential of all athletes to continue in their exercising effort for a greater aerobic benefit and increased overall conditioning.

So think of the Victory Strap® as your partner, some say they feel naked without it.  This partner is pro active, it is a partner you can lean on, depend on, bear down against!  Good luck and great success in all you endeavor to do.  Don't forget to have some fun out there too!

Life is short and there are no, "Do Overs!"

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