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Donning Your Victory Strap®

Pull both handles away and out from the folded body.

The Victory Strap® can be adjusted by letting out the back strapping by pulling the strapping through the double ringlets,

Don your Victory Strap® like you would a jacket or vest.
The padded pocket flap shown here, should be against your back with the logo facing out.

Pull on the back straps to tighten.  Start by pulling out and then
down to secure the Victory Strap
® firmly behind the shoulders.

Make sure the pad is tight against your back.
When properly worn, it should feel like a "Big Hug".

Position your elbows at a relative 90 degree angle with
the Victory Strap
® behind and off the shoulder.

The adjustment zone on each side can be utilized to shorten
the arm length to provide maximum comfort.

For Optimal Benefit
and Maximum Comfort.

Caring for your Victory Strap®.

The Victory Strap® is, constructed of terry cloth
wrapped around padded handles and center pocket
that is very durable and comfortable.
For long life, please follow these directions.

Machine wash  in cold or warm water.
Set on gentle or regular for short cycle.
Only use non-chlorine bleach only.
Line dry or tumble dry on low 10 minutes.




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