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The Victory Strap® Is Now Available at 2 New Locations!

  • Dr. Richard Seibert, Chiropractor and Sports Injury Doctor
    1991 Merrick Ave. Merrick, NY.,  Phone: (516)867-8585   www.seibertdc.com


  • The Runner's Edge , Sports Footwear and Apparel, Speak to the Owner: Bob Cook
    242 Main Street, Farmingdale NY.,  Phone: (516)420-7963   www.runnersedgeny.com

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Before calling our number, 1-516-308-6690  to order your Victory Strap®, please check the chart below for what sizes and color combinations are available.

To  measure for a perfect fit,  place your arms at your side and bend your elbows so that both hands are straight out in front of you. Your elbows should now be at a right angle (90 degrees) to the body.
Using a tape measure from the base of right thumb, extend up from your hand and behind your shoulders then down  to the base of your left thumb. Be sure that the tape is behind the center of your shoulders on your back when measuring.

Example: If you measure between 32 and 48 inches going from the base of one thumb and around your back to the base of the other thumb, then you will need a Medium. This is the equivalent of a men's small jacket size.


There is an Adjustment Range for each size.  This was designed to accommodate the desired personal comfort range for the users of the Victory Strap.


Victory Strap® Sizes and Adjustment Ranges for Men and Women.

Small - Adjustment Range 40-32 in.
(30-34", Men's) (Petite/Small, Women's)

Large - Adjustment Range 60-46 in.
(38-44", Men's) (Med./Lg., Women's)
Medium - Adjustment Range 48-34 in.
(35-37", Men's) (Small/Med., Women's)
X-Large - Adjustment Range 72-60 in.
(46-52", Men's) (XL/XXL, Women's)

Note: These sizes were specifically designed to overlap each others' adjustment range. This will allow additional users to try out the Victory Strap® and allow for personal changes in a physical size of the user over a period of time.
You may adjust the size down to a smaller size ONLY!!!
Available in Assorted Attractive Sports Color Combinations.

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