What Is It?


  • What is it ? 

    The Victory Strap® is the first Real - Breakthrough' in fitness walking and running since the sneaker!

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  • What does it do ?

    The Victory Strap® creates a load free zone on the upper body.  Once you use it, you will wonder how you ever ran without it!

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  • How does it Work ?

    The Victory Strap® utilizes the motion natural to the body during the walking or running experience.

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  • For what purpose ?

    The Victory Strap® enhances, heighten and maximizes your exercising effort throughout the routine.

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  • Why do I need it ?

    The Victory Strap® Promotes good form and allows relaxation of the upper body by cradling the arms during fitness walking or running. It also utilizes the pendulum motion of your arms -- thus creating your comfort zone.

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  • What do you mean by "Pendulum Motion" and "Comfort Zone" ?

    The pendulum motion of your arms occurs naturally when your legs move forward, because forward leg motion causes your upper body to rock and your arms to swing. Now you can focus this movement and energy to increase the benefit of your exercising. The comfort zone is that feeling of stability and control, that allows the exerciser to experience a previously unattainable level of comfort possible now by the creation of the load-free zone .
    The comfort zone is that point at which stability and control come together to create a previously unattainable level of comfort, possible now by the creation of the load-free zone.
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  • Who tested it ?

    This utility patented invention was tested by doctors, chiropractors, nurses and track coaches like the inventor.  Runners and walkers of all ages have also tested it, and a feasibility study was conducted before the patent process for a practical independent analysis.

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  • Well, what did they say ?

    The response to the product was quite exciting!
    They said things like;
"I never enjoyed running so much before!"

"I felt so in control, so focused."

"I never ran so well before."

"I never knew what to do or where to put my hands until the Victory Strap®."

"It turned my walking routine into a Power Walking experience." 
One woman said that her hands didn't swell up anymore, when she ran with it!
Another woman said,  "It felt like a BIG HUG!"
More Testimonials!

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  • So, what will it do for me ?

    The Victory Strap® will allow your upper body to relax and you will enjoy your run or walk by obviating or removing the load bearing stress you would normally experience.  So now, you can run or walk longer and more comfortably It will take you to the next level in physical wellness.

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  • What else can you tell me about it, what other qualities does it have ?

    The Victory Strap® is lightweight, low cost and consumer friendly product.  It's machine washable and comfortable for the user to wear.  It is physically adjustable and ergonomically designed.

    It comes with a 30 day Money back guarantee and it is made in the U.S.A. !

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  • How did you come up with this ?

    "I was running for fitness and exercise and was looking for a way to become more efficient, to go farther and spend less energy, to last longer and reduce the stress I was experiencing.  I felt there had to be a way to maximize my routine, so I began experimenting with ideas.  I found that once I had my heart rate up and my body flushed, I could bear down on my Victory Strap and maximize the exercise routine or just continue to allow my arms to swing forward and back in their proper "arc" thereby maintaining my proper form and posture without straining to continue. The attendant benefits started adding up from there."

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  • But why did you go all through this ?

    "I realized other people must have been going through the same experience.  I also noticed many runners were unaware of their physical positioning and the motion of their upper body when exercising.  I wanted to make running more fulfilling and more productive.  I knew it could be more efficient if I could maximize physical movement and reduce stress.  Everyone wants to look good and feel good too. With the Victory Strap, as your partner, you can now make that healthy transition to wellness and reach the next level in physical fitness more smoothly and more easily. This is your personal victory, hence the name,

Victory Strap!

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