Aerobic vs. Anaerobic
Ideally a conversation should be able to be conducted during
the session, this indicates that you are working aerobically or with
the benefit of oxygen to convert stored energy (fat or carbohydrates) on
a cellular level. This is most desirable, even if...

This is most desirable,

Even if, it requires slowing down your routine.
It is worth it!

Start stretching slowly before your workout and remember to stretch after your walk or run, too!  Those who remember to stretch after their routine recover 30 percent faster and suffer fewer injuries!  Keep focused!  What are your goals?  Do you want to lose weight?  Tone up?  Trim down or just feel good about your overall general health?  You need to remember that you didn't find yourself in your present condition overnight!  It will not disappear overnight, either.

You are training your body to be more efficient at metabolizing (burning the calories) the food you eat.  Your body becomes more efficient as you become more consistent about exercising!

Aerobic exercise has been proven to be 10 times more efficient at burning calories and converting fat (our stored energy) into fuel (glycogen) to be utilized by the body than an anaerobic (without oxygen) activity.  You have heard the term, "Walk the Walk" and "Talk the Talk", Now you should start to think of the term that you will use to focus on your personal goals, "Talk the Walk".


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