Introduction to Power Walking.
You have seen them everywhere,...  Powerwalking!
But are they really powerwalking?  What turns a walk into
a powerwalk?  The first most obvious answer that the walker puts
more effort into their walk routine.  But how???

But how???
  • Should the arms be allow to swing with more deliberate motion,.. Or should we be pumping forward?
  • Should we become more deliberate with our overall physical motion?
  • How do we know that we are getting more out of our walk?

Walking has always been an ideal, low impact exercise that may be enhanced at will.  The availability to access a wide range of motion as well as variation of motion that can dictate the level of intensity, make it more even desirable.

Speed coupled with an exaggerated movement of the arms and legs, increases the physical output of the enthusiast to perform and complete a routine.  The integration and modification of these techniques can increase the workout from a moderate to high impact experience and back again.  At the same time, it also increases the potential for related injury to joints and soft tissue.  Speed does not necessarily mean increased efficiency or even added benefits in overall health as many health professionals have noted over the past few years.

The Victory Strap was invented to attain higher efficiency during fitness walking and running and acquire a comfort level previously unattainable.  There is now a dependable center of gravity, which helps balance and utilize all of the upper body effort, no matter how little.  In the proactive mode of use, the force exerted onto it is utilized by the body for momentum and the muscles of the upper body benefit due to the fact that the hands are able to use the Victory Strap® to create isotonic or isometric benefit.  These muscles bearing down against a fixed object create a benefit and are utilizing the existing and immediate condition.  In a reactive mode, the arms are cradled and supported.  They rock and swing naturally with the rhythm of the body.  The load bearing stress (from the weight of the arms and their movement) that normally occurs to the upper body is obviated, thereby creating a comfort zone that never existed before!


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