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I read recently something of interest that should get you pretty excited, that is if you are as interested in your general health, your competitive performance or just the way you look. The information is very involved so I am going to jump around a bit and skip to the vital facts. The actual full contents can be found in the book (The Wrinkle Cure) written by Dr. Perricone on pages 67 thru 80.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (the super antioxidant) is found naturally in the mitochondria of the skin, so it can affect metabolism. A higher energy level allows the cell to take in more nutrients, remove more wastes and replace damaged components. As we age, our metabolism slows. Aging cells produce energy more slowly. Alpha Lipoic Acid can increase the speed of energy production, cell repair and healing time. Truth be told, it is one of the most important antioxidants needed by the body. It helps other antioxidants last longer (such as it. C, E, Glutathione). It is also both fat and water-soluble so it can work in each and every part of skin cells. It even protects DNA. It fights against inflammation which is known to be an open invitation to lines and wrinkles. Its special skill at bashing free radicals comes at least in part, from its ability to prevent the action of certain transcription factors called NFk-B which would produce pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines, that damage the cell and accelerate aging (Getting excited yet?!?!).

There is something more interesting here though, it is the link between sugar and aging. Sugar just like oxygen is necessary for our cells to stay alive. Unfortunately, the sugar in our bodies- called glucose- can be toxic to our cells in many ways. Sugar is exceptionally damaging to your skin because it attaches to the proteins of collagen, causing collagen to cross link so it becomes stiff and inflexible leading to the wrinkling and stiffness of old skin.

Alpha Lipoic acid prevents the attachment of sugar to protein (known as glycation) When cross linking occurs, tiny strands, or strings are formed. Normally they would slide over one another now they cannot move freely resulting in sagging and inflexible skin that gives us the appearance of aging. Alpha lipoic further reverses the attachment of the sugar to collagen when applied to the skin or taken orally. Taken orally it protects all the cells of our body from glycation and helps cells use sugar for fuel more efficiently. (it should be known that people with diabetes age 1/3 faster than non-diabetic just because of the effects of sugar). Of course, the best way to minimize the effects of sugar toxicity is to eat less.

Dr. P. did a case study, by applying a 1 per cent solution to a group of patients of alpha lipoic (in a lecithin- based lotion) on their faces twice a day, found that under eye puffiness decreased (swelling known as edema is caused by inflammation). With in five days participants began to report their skin had a healthy glow. Alpha Lipoic ability to promote healthy production of nitric oxide (which helps control blood flow to the skin).

Scientists are looking into its ability to help with heart disease, diabetes, and even AIDS. There is so much more if you are interested. So, the question I would have around now would be," how much do you take a day?" I take 50mg a day orally as recommended. Additionally if you read your vitamin bottles you will see doses of 10mgs in multiple vitamin bottles.

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