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It seems that as we get older, our skin sags and wrinkling, discoloration, broken blood vessels appear and we see a decrease in radiance. These are not because our skin is falling away from it's moorings, but because the chemicals and nutritional precursors that give muscles that hold the skin maximum tone start to diminish as a result of years of free radical damage - enter DMAE... When I first heard about DMAE, I thought it couldn't be very important, it doesn't even have a name! I was very young and you know what they say about wasting youth on the young.

In Actuality, DMAE is thought of as another of the recently heralded anti-oxidents, but it is really an antioxident membrane stabilizer. Known as dimethylaminoethanol, DMAE boosts the effects of other antioxidents, resulting in increased smoothness, brightness and line reduction on the skin. By dispersing into the cell plasma membrane, it acts as an antioxident and prevents the breakdown of the cell plasma membrane and the resulting production of arachidonic acid and other pro-inflammatory mediators (which give us that puffy appearance). That's a homerun in anyone's book.

DMAE is commonly found in fish, nature's brain food. It will increase the chemicals in the central nervous system that help us think clearly. It helps expel waste products and hold onto valuable nutrients. It should be noted here that in order for our muscles to contract, they require the release of chemicals at a neuromuscular junction. The junction is provided along a wire which ends in a bulb. This bulb acts as a reservoir for these chemicals, among them acetylcholine, which then cause the muscle to contract. As we age our nervous system ages also, providing less chemicals for these contractions thereby diminishing the result. On a practical level, DMAE will actually provide a face lift, first gradually and over the long term when applied to the skin. When applied to the forehead, Dr. Perricone notes that it will actually lift the tip of the nose, pretty amazing stuff, I think!! The only way to reverse the process is to produce a stronger muscle contraction and firmer skin is to increase the levels of active acetylcholine in the body. Improving your eating habits and using DMAE internally and externally. The results will be better health and optimal environment for the skin.


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